European migrant crisis: Austria, Germany near tipping point

European migrant crisis: Austria, Germany near tipping point

The Austrian Red Cross has also been on hand to provide medical supplies and warm blankets.

The refugees I am meeting at the Vienna station are so grateful for the warm welcome. pic.twitter.com/uwwK89uQ3B

— Melissa Fleming (@melissarfleming) September 5, 2015
One recent arrival, standing with his two daughters, told CNN of the family's difficult journey through Hungary.

"We went through a torture," he said. "We walked 110 kilometers (68 miles) with the children. They didn't allow us to take cars or trains."

But the Hungarian people, he said, "were very nice. We arrived here safely, and we are comfortable here, and we like the people and the government of Austria."

More smiles from the AUT/HUN border crossing #RefugeesWelcome pic.twitter.com/X2KRTjOCk4

— cstreib (@cstreib) September 5, 2015
Most of the arrivals in Austria intend to travel farther into Europe, however. Of the thousands who have arrived there this weekend, only a dozen or so have opted to apply for asylum there, the country's Interior Ministry said.


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